South Carolina ERISA Attorneys

Helping Employees With ERISA Insurance Claims

The ERISA litigation attorneys of Gilreath Law Firm, P.A., combine experience in employee benefit laws with demonstrated success as litigators to ensure that clients receive the most favorable outcome to their case.

The attorneys in our law firm have provided help to individuals and businesses throughout South Carolina for over 43 years.

What Is ERISA?

ERISA is the federal law governing employee welfare and pension benefits including retirement, disability, health, welfare and other employment-related benefits. These laws preempt and supersede any contrary state laws. ERISA also sets the minimum standards for pension plans and provides some protection for workers when specific types of pension plans cannot pay the worker the benefits to which they are entitled. Employers must provide comprehensive and clear information about employees' pension rights to meet ERISA standards.

Has Your ERISA Claim Been Denied?

Generally, an individual whose claim for benefits has been denied must receive a written reason for the denial within 90 days after receipt of the claim. If your claim has been denied because the administrator had inadequate information to make an informed decision, you must also receive written instructions as to the information required.

Our attorneys can help you settle the dispute in either an ERISA administrative appeal prior to filing suit, or after the claim is filed through the settlement, mediation or appeal process. We will submit all relevant information and file for discovery of any evidence in the plan administrator's (or insurer's) possession.

To arrange a consultation about your legal issue, please contact Gilreath Law Firm, P.A., in Greenville, South Carolina.

Learn more: Visit our ERISA FAQ page.

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