Greenville Civil & Criminal Taxation Law Attorneys

Advanced Training and Experience in Taxation Law

Tax issues can have a profound affect on the financial well-being of individuals and businesses. A simple mistake or ignorance of the law can result in serious penalties.

The attorneys of the Gilreath Law Firm, P.A., know that taxes can affect every area of your life and business. Since our firm practices in a number of diverse areas including estate planning, probate, corporate and business law, employee benefits, ERISA and complex commercial litigation, we are able to offer clients advice from multiple perspectives.

Our founder, attorney James R. Gilreath has a Master of Laws degree in taxation. His knowledge provides clients with an advisor who comprehensively understands state and federal taxation law. Attorney William M. Hogan is working toward a Master of Laws in taxation. Whether you are looking for counsel on a personal income tax matter or need business tax advice, we can offer a solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

Civil Taxation Law Strategies and Solutions

The attorneys of the Gilreath Law Firm can assist in many civil tax-related matters including:

  • Business planning and consulting
  • Tax planning for investors
  • Preparation of complex income, estate and gift tax returns
  • Tax transcript analysis for individuals and businesses that have tax liabilities including tax audits, protests and petitions
  • Federal tax audits of estates, businesses and individuals
  • Offshore accounts
  • Tax amnesty programs
  • Tax litigation
  • IRS negotiation to develop the optimal solution for the taxpayer
  • Asset protection trusts and estate planning for high net worth individuals
  • Business consulting
  • Resolution of tax problems through bankruptcy, business termination, offers-in-compromise, installment agreements and penalty abatement proceedings.

If you are being audited, it is important to be represented by a tax attorney, not just an accountant. If you cannot reach an out-of-court settlement, an accountant cannot take your case to court. Our tax lawyers can provide comprehensive representation in tax issues.

IRS Tax Audits and Criminal Tax Investigations

Tax issues can evolve into criminal cases. It is important to be represented by a knowledgeable tax law attorney to help you protect your assets and your freedom. Our law firm has achieved positive results for clients who were the subjects of criminal tax investigations. If a criminal tax investigator reads you your Miranda rights, do not try to explain your situation. Do not provide any information without first speaking to a tax lawyer who is experienced in defending clients facing criminal tax investigations.

Whether we are working with individuals, entrepreneurs or publicly-traded companies, the attorneys at Gilreath Law Firm, P.A., help clients face the challenges posed by civil and criminal taxation laws.

To arrange a consultation about your legal issue, please contact Gilreath Law Firm, P.A., in Greenville, South Carolina.

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