Greenville Business Law Firm Overview

About Our Law Firm

Attorney James R. Gilreath founded this firm in 1980 after practicing for a dozen years with two other law firms in Greenville.

Over the years we have gained a reputation as trial attorneys who get results for clients in complex and challenging cases. We have won the respect of legal peers throughout South Carolina, and the majority of our new cases come to us on referral from satisfied clients or other lawyers.

We are aggressive litigators, known for our ability to get results at trial or on appeal. Every case is prepared as though it will go to trial. Our reputation for getting results in court often encourages the opposition to offer reasonable settlements in negotiations, mediations and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques.

We have the skills, experience and resources to effectively represent clients in complex and high-profile cases. For example, we are co-counsel representing the personal representative of the estate of the late entertainer James Brown in litigation against a number of James Brown's professional advisors.

Because our practice includes diverse areas of law, from estate planning, probate and business organization to civil and criminal taxation law and complex commercial litigation, we are able to assist clients from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Flexible Fee Arrangements

Clients appreciate our flexible fee arrangements. We handle the majority of our litigation cases on a contingency fee basis. That means clients pay no upfront costs or fees. Our legal fee comes as a percentage of whatever compensation we can obtain for our clients. We can also charge by the hour for transactional services, such as business organization, or offer a combined approach. In each case we will develop a fee arrangement that accommodates the client's needs.

To provide a high level of service to every client, we are selective about the cases we accept.

Putting Together the Right Team

We have contacts with firms throughout the U.S. and, depending on the specific case, often associate with other law firms. We can put together the right team to get the job done, a team with the resources and experience to handle large, complex cases, including class actions and Federal multi-district litigation.

The firm has an impressive list of reported cases and cases we have been involved in have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and London Times.

To arrange an initial consultation about your legal issue, please contact our office in Greenville, South Carolina.